02 :: FIVE-CARD DRAW (2014)

Director: Pedro Rudolphi
Production: Stephany Luna
Cinematography: Ronalds Mezmacs
Production designer: Lili Lee Abraham

Set designer / set builder / art department : Amaya Valentina

Colligatum is a 15-20 minutes Spaghetti Western short film written directed by Pedro Rudolphi. Set in New Mexico of the 1870s. Produced by Sthefany Luna and with a fantastic cast of both British and American professional actors.

Production based in London. We built our very own Old Western Saloon in a professional film studio provided by the University Of The Arts London.

Counter 1


1901421_657735744291638_5672816239489112290_n     1619189_657722427626303_9108335576664300437_n






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