01 :: DINNER ALONE (2014)

Director: Kane Vee
Production: Joseph Martin-Kelly
Cinematography: Simona Brambilla
Production designer: Amaya Valentina


Dinner Alone is the story of Hannibal and Martin, a married, gay couple in the throes of an intense and sometimes violent relationship. Silent treatment, outbursts of rage and moments of bleak desolation punctuate the many nights they spend together over dinner.

Part of the film was located in Manor House Warehouses, where I recreated the living room, kitchen and bathroom. The bedroom was a built set in a different space. I used the same flooring to connect both spaces: rail wooden boards. This sort of wooden boards are very typically used in the warehouses and recicled into shelves, tables…



bedroom 002 roxy bedroom 003 roxy bedroom 001 roxy bedroom 004 roxy bedroom 007 roxy bedroom 006 roxy bedroom 005 roxy




living room 002 roxy

living room 003 roxy

living room 004 roxy

kitchen 001  dinner 001 roxy

dinner 002 roxyBATHROOM AND SHOWER

bathroom 001 roxy shower 001 roxy



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